Dovpo vv (Batik version)


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Earlier-gen mechanical mods lacked many of today’s protection measures and safeguards, based on rudimentary designs. Output power was supplied via constant voltage from the battery: the corresponding power was obtained by changing the specific coil resistance of the atomizer to provide the wanted vapor and flavor. These early models were very much a nascent novelty, more of a curiosity in a still untested market.

With the rapid development of e-cigarette industry, mechanical mods eventually gravitated toward the inclusion of chips, forever transforming the vaping experience. Apart from adding basic protection measures, stable voltage delivered enhanced security and safety paving the way for today’s half mech mods. This allowed vapers to enjoy powerful, high impact (violent) vape hits safely and consistently.

This particular mod design has succeeded in retaining its popularity. As just one example, Tesla launched its stunning 240W Invader III, which has been met with near universal acclaim by vapers – both for its power and versatility.

However, there’s a new kid on the block: the DOVPO MVV mechanical mod, an innovative device with a maximum output voltage of 8V, a full 1.4V more than the Tesla Invader III (6.6V). Does the MVV provide more powerful hits than the bestselling Invader III? Let’s find out!


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